About SHK Global

Sourcing & importing quality food for 25 years

About SHK Global

Importers of premium international brands

SHK Global is a Melbourne-based importer and exporter of quality international and Australian food. We’re the Australian distributors for highly regarded global food and drink brands.

For 25 years, we have sourced and imported food for Middle Eastern customers who accept no substitutes for the quality and flavours found at home. Today, our products are stocked in supermarkets, delis, greengrocers, restaurants and cafes. As Australia has embraced the flavours of the Middle East, our products are used by chefs and home cooks alike.

Our vision is to become Australia’s leading supplier of premium Middle Eastern foods. That’s because family is everything to us, and food means family. We want food to bring other families together the way it does around our own family table.

Where we came from

In the 1970s, our founder, Jamil Makhoul, immigrated to Australia from Lebanon.

For over a decade, he ventured into retail and eventually ran and owned an Italian supermarket in Melbourne. He saw how a new community sought food familiar from home — and how their tastes came to influence the whole country.

This experience inspired Jamil to import Middle Eastern food in the 1990s, first for the growing Middle Eastern community, then for all Australians.

With Jamil’s knowledge of the food and his connections with farmers and quality suppliers in Lebanon, he secured the rights to many of the region’s premier brands.

Growth through relationship

Sheikhtaba Pty Ltd now trading as SHK Global started by representing one food manufacturer at a time.

Our ability to supply the same high-quality taste in every delivery enabled our importing business to grow quickly. As we added more happy customers, we expanded our range, representing more suppliers. Our strong relationships with our growing supply chain meant that our customers could rely on us to deliver quality.

Today, the second generation continues to grow the business, with SHK Global representing leading brands, including the number one specialty food brand in Lebanon. We remain committed to Jamil’s belief in relationships – with suppliers and with customers.

Relationships with farmers and suppliers are how we make sure that customers receive the same quality with every delivery. Relationships with our customers are how we know what they need, so that we can make sure to evolve our ranges to meet those needs.